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Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, complete a marathon, earn a college athletic scholarship, or anything else related to your health and wellness; As an Exercise Physiologist, I understand that the proper way to exercise and eat healthy. This is an exercise prescription written specifically for you.

All exercise prescriptions are geared towards getting you to your optimal weight while also building strength.

  • You will receive expert, tailored coaching towards your goals
  • All the exercise routines can be done from the comfort of your home and the streets or parks around your neighborhood
  • Nutrition guidance provided
  • A gym membership is helpful but not necessary

Free Stretching Plan

Stretching is a major part of health and injury prevention. Never do any exercise without stretching first.

Exercise Prescription & Meal Plan

This package includes a weekly Exercise Prescription and a detailed Meal Plan tailored to your current health and long term goals.

Meal Plan Only

This plan will retrain your body to crave, enjoy and properly use healthy foods. Each plan provides the specific foods to eat, the time of day to eat them and the proper portions.

Exercise Prescription Only

Includes a weekly Exercise Prescription and Nutritional Guidance tailored to your goals and health needs.

All In Package

This monthly package includes the Exercise Prescripton, Meal Plan Plus 30 minutes of weekly live coaching via phone or video call. Availability is limited.

Stretching Plan
Basic Monthly Plan
All In Monthly Plan

Additional Services Available

  • In-person Workouts
  • High School / College Athlete Training
  • Daily Text / Email Follow-up
  • Guest Speaker for Schools
  • Group Classes
  • Corporate Fitness
I recommend checking with your doctor before you begin an exercise program. I require all clients complete a health survey before beginning my program. As a result of the survey, I may request that you visit your doctor before beginning the program.