Give Your Body the

Green Light to Better Health

  • Individualized Training Plans for Runners from 5k to Marathon distances
  • Strength & Conditioning Workouts for High School Athletes
  • Tailored Exercise Prescriptions and Meal Plans

Our Goals

For the Everyday Person – we teach you to:
  • Incorporate the correct amount of exercise into your busy schedule
  • Eat healthy foods while eating a “normal” meal plan
For the Runner – we prepare you to:
  • Finish the race, whether it be a 5k or a marathon
  • Be strong physically and mentally
For the Athlete – we train you to:
  • Be in peak shape for your sport through strength and conditioning
  • Achieve your goal of reaching the next level of play

How We Operate

Tailored Coaching To Hit Your Goals
  • You set the goal and we coach to it
  • Exercise Prescriptions and Training Programs sent via weekly emails
Nutrition Guidance
  • Basics of a Healthy Diet included with all programs
  • Daily Meal Plans offered for extra accountability
Realistic Workouts
  • All exercises can be done from the comfort of your home or the streets and parks in your neighborhood
  • Use principles from Plyometrics, Isometrics, andĀ Calisthenics

Free Stretching Plan

Stretching is a major part of health and injury prevention. Never do any exercise without stretching first.

Exercise Prescription & Meal Plan

This package includes a weekly Exercise Prescription and a detailed Meal Plan tailored to your current health and long term goals.

All In Package

This monthly package includes the Exercise Prescripton, Meal Plan PlusĀ 30 minutes of weekly live coaching via phone or video call. Availability is limited.

Exercise Prescription Only

Includes a weekly Exercise Prescription and Nutritional Guidance tailored to your goals and health needs.

Training Plans for Runners

Choose from a 3 month or 6 month training regimen that is geared towards 5k through Marathon distance races. These packages are tailored for all levels, beginners to seasoned runners.

Additional Services Available

  • In-person Workouts
  • High School / College Athlete Training
  • Daily Text / Email Follow-up
  • Guest Speaker for Schools
  • Group Classes
  • Corporate Fitness

I recommend checking with your doctor before you begin an exercise program. I require all clients complete a health survey before beginning my program. As a result of the survey, I may request that you visit your doctor before beginning the program.