Are You Satisfied with Your Body?

God created your body to be the temple of your soul. Like many, you may be struggling with your weight, stamina, and strength.  There are so many confusing claims about what to eat to maintain optimal health and fitness.

In Confidence Through Health, coach and trainer Jerry Snider removes the confusion, shows you how to maintain your body in a way that glorifies God, and gives you the power and strength to live your life fully.  When you read this empowering book, you will:

  •    Discover a simple solution to healthy eating
  •    Exercise wisely, accounting for your current level of fitness
  •    Avoid common mistakes on your way to glowing good health
  •    Make smart decisions about vitamins and supplements
  •    Cloak yourself in God’s plan for lasting health and wellness

An excellent book based on the science of nutrition, exercise and exercise physiology.  And, of course, including the importance of the role that God should play in every aspect of our life.
~Pete Boudreaux, High School Track Coach, 2010 National Coach of the Year and 2016 National High School Hall of Fame inductee

Confidence Through Health covers every aspect of physical and mental fitness, for both the seasoned athlete and the overweight or unhealthy individual. We all can live a full, abundant life and Jerry shows us how.
~Pam Moorhead, MS, Owner of Health and Soul Fitness

Jerry Snider has written a must-read for anyone wanting to make a meaningful lifestyle change.  He masterfully combines the fundamentals of health and wellness with living a faith-filled God-centered life.  This book has uncovered the lies I was telling myself about what to eat and how to exercise. Now I can see where I need healthy changes and have simple and practical tools to make it happen.
~ Jennifer Snyder, Professional Organizer