Who is Jerry Snider?

I began my obsession with sports and exercise at an early age. I was a natural athlete, excelled in soccer until I began high school and developed a life long passion for water skiing from the age of 7. It was during my 8th grade year that I found my ability to be a competitive runner.
After many years of being a weekend warrior when it came to sports, in August 2015, at 41 years old, I decided enough was enough. I was going to get back in shape and do it properly, the way I know works, instead of relying on my natural physical ability to “appear in good physical shape.” I was 35 lbs heavier than I wanted to be and was pushing my way out of size 36 pants (considering I graduated college wearing size 28).
I followed the same plan that I’ve created for you to follow. As of February 2017, I was down from 185 lbs to 145 lbs and comfortably fit in size 30 pants. Yes that’s over a year, but what is not included in that time frame calculation is that I blew out my left knee in July 2016 in a water skiing accident. I have no PCL left and have recovered from a 3rd degree MCL tear. No surgery, just rehab while using my workouts to spur results.
Exercise Physiologist
  • Graduate of Texas A&M, class of 1996
  • Certified Life Breakthrough Coach, 2016
  • Texas Wind Athletics Strength & Conditioning Coach
Athletic Highlights
  • 3 time Individual Louisiana 5A State Champion
    • 1991 Cross Country, 1992 Indoor Track 1500m, 1992 Outdoor Track 3200m
  • Ran anchor leg (800m) on Sprint Medley Relay with fastest time in the nation in 1992
  • 3 Year Letterman at Texas A&M (Cross Country and Track)
  • Multiple All Conference Team Member
    • Southwest Conference and Big XII Conference
Post College Athletic Highlights
  • December 2016 B/CS Half-Marathon = 1 hour 38 minutes
    • 3rd in Age Group
    • 5 months after major knee injury
High School Personal Bests
  • Indoor Track
    • 1500m = 4:05.7
  • Outdoor Track
    • 400m = 51.8
    • 800m = 1:54.7
    • 1600m = 4:19.4 (School record upon graduation)
    • 3200m = 9:35.8
College Personal Bests
  •  Indoor
    • 800m = 1:50.8
    • Mile = 4:11 (School Top 10 upon graduation)
    • 3000m = 8:28
  • Outdoor
    • 400m = 50.1
    • 1500m = 3:49 (School Top 10 upon graduation)
    • 5000m = 14:40
Now I offer the opportunity to you to have similar results. No, not everyone will be able to complete a half-marathon under 2 hours and I am not guaranteeing those results. What I will guarantee is that IF you put in the time to be dedicated to the workouts the results you want will follow. I can also guarantee it will take time and hard work. I will be All In for you, but for this to work you have to be All In for yourself first. Are you ready to change your health and wellness for the better?